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Cut Core / Split Core Coil transformers are the apt choice when it comes to the perfect balance between volume, weight and heat dissipation. They are assembled transformers that outplay conventional steel core transformers, as they are made up of grain – oriented silicon steel (with extremely low Watt losses). .

Cut core / Split core transformers are available in various loads, ranging from 1 amps to 1000 amps. .

  • Core Material : Made with cold rolled grain oriented silicon strip
  • Thickness : 0.27 mm
  • Grade : M4
  • Stacking factor : 95%
  • Treatment: Fully stress relieved and annealed
  • Watt loss @ B max : 1.5 tesla @50 hz, 1.5watts/kgm
  • Finish : Epoxy coated for environment/atmospheric protection.
  • Low noise and low magnetic radiation
  • High vacuum furnace
  • Suitable for high frequency and varying temperature.
  • In MCCBS
  • In ACBs

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