Some of Our Products

Three Phase Chokes

Three phase chokes are used in input circuits to reduce harmonics. Three phase choke assemblies are also used in ESP surge protection equipments. It can be used as DC filter chokes. AC input three phase chokes are also used for VFD’S.

High Power & High Frequency Ferrite Transformers

We develop custom made Ferrite transformers as per the specific needs of our clients. 

All Types of Solenoid Assemblies

Our precision engineered solenoid assemblies are in line with cutting edge technology and suit varying magnetic force, stroke length and other mechanical requirements. The assortment of shunt trip is fabricated in accordance to the specified requirements of our customers. They are manufactured in the range between – 110 VAC to 440 AC / DC .


Air Core Coils- Shunt Coils and MCB Coils

We produce Shunt Coils and MCB Coils which are of high quality in numerous shapes, sizes (between 100MA to 100A) and ranges of inductance.

High Voltage DC-DC Converters

These are available with various input voltages 6V, 12V, 24 Volts AC or DC and output voltages from 1000 Volts to 10000 Volts AC or DC. Output voltages are proportional to the input voltages. The device is fully encapsulated with epoxy for protection from humidity and environment.


PCB Mountable Epoxy Transformers

We manufacture a wide range of epoxy transformers of varying voltages, adaptable to extreme environmental conditions. They are general purpose PCB mountable transformers, available in various grades and electrical specifications. These transformers are mainly used to lower the voltage of a given electrical circuit.


Cut Core, E-Core Transformers and Coils

Cut Core / Split Core Coil transformers are the apt choice when it comes to the perfect balance between volume, weight and heat dissipation. They are assembled transformers that outplay conventional steel core transformers, as they are made up of grain – oriented silicon steel (with extremely low Watt losses).

Cut core / Split core transformers are available in various loads, ranging from 1 amps to 1000 amps. 

Epoxy Potted CT’s

Our Epoxy CT / Epoxy Current Transformers are the best grab when it comes to protection against corrosive atmosphere, hazardous gases, dust and moisture. The Epoxy CT CBCT, also known as a zero sequence CT, is used for earth leakage and earth fault protection.


These vibrator’s are used in pharmaceutical machineries, food processing industries, vibrator feeders, rice mill machineries and maize flour milling machineries.

Electromagnetic Clutch Assembly

They can be used for brakes, clutches, various machineries and to control motor speeds.



Battery Chargers

Battery Chargers used in Wind Mills.

APR- 103 Temperature Surveillance Unit [Analog]

30+ Years of Experience

Given our several years of experience in this business, we are also in a position to facilitate agency-like relationships with one of our other credible, high quality partners, whose focus areas are different from ours.