Some Of Our Products

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Three Phase Surface Chokes

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Sine Wave Output Filter Chokes

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Medical Equipment Transformers

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Various Types of Transformers

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Solenoid Timer Panel

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Solenoid Assembly/Valves

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Toroidal Transformers

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Cut Cores

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Magnetic Vibrators

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Ferrite Transformers

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Printed Circuit Boards

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Cut Core Transformers

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PCB Mountable Potted Transformers

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Air Core Coils (MCB Coils)

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Used in Oil field equipments

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Other Transformers

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Epoxy Potted CTs

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DC-DC Converters

We’ve manufactured and supplied customised components to various industries.

Oil and Gas Drilling

Surface chokes, sine wave filter chokes and other accessories for electrical submersible pumps and vertical frequency drives used in monitoring systems of oil drilling fields.

Medical Equipments

Critical transformers, high current CTs and sensors used in medical equipments like x-ray machines.

Electrical & Power Utilities

PCBs, harnessing, AC to DC power supplies, DC-DC converters, and components for battery management systems and Uninterruptible Power Sources (UPS).


Components for BHEL used in exported teleprinters; indigenising transformers hitherto imported from SAGEM, France. 

Temperature Control

Temperature surveillance units and controllers used in power generation projects and equipments.

Information Technology

Supplied and serviced transformers used in printers and CPU fans.

Our Process

All our products are customised as per the requirements of our partners. Further integration of components is done, as needed. We run several standardised and bespoke tests. We deliver the product only after a rigorous quality control process.

30+ Years Of

Given our several years of experience in this business, we are also in a position to facilitate agency-like relationships with one of our other credible, high quality partners, whose focus areas are different from ours. 


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